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____ Innovation and Engineering ____

The study of new technologies, constant search for innovations in the automation sector, collaboration with your technical department – these are the ingredients to start shaping your projects.

We have developed three services to lay a solid foundation for the achievement of your production goals.

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____ Testing and simulations ____

Knowing precisely the details and performance that the machinery can achieve even before installation on-site is an essential step to optimise the most delicate production aspects prior to the actual construction of the automation solution.

Thanks to our services, you can always have everything under control and collaborate with us to get what you really need for your production.

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____ Production and technical support ____

Once the time for actually constructing your machinery and its subsequent installation comes, entrusting your projects to us will result in an automation solution ready to be put into operation, with all the support you need to quickly achieve your goals.

We collaborate with your technical department both in the production phases of the machinery and beyond, guaranteeing assistance also in all the phases after installation.

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____ Training ____

We have developed training courses to accompany industry professionals towards a greater knowledge of automation solutions and the optimisation dynamics underlying production processes.

Our training services can be conducted at the client’s site or at our headquarters.

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