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Four business units, one way to automate your success

We offer a wide range of services for your projects, developed using a method that feeds on multisectoral technical capacities and on the increasing specialisation of our business units.

We are the only point of contact throughout the entire development of the project, from preventive analysis to assistance and maintenance. This guarantees you always have high production continuity and performance.

We design tomorrow’s automation today

Through a constant commitment to Research and Development, we offer solutions that allow us to go beyond the standards that guide the automation sector.

We are the ideal interlocutor for companies looking for a partner who can create highly-specialised solutions, especially in sectors where technical and technological complexity plays a fundamental role.

Our experience allows us to turn challenges into opportunities, bringing innovation and tangible results.

Our Business Units

Welding and soldering ____

We design and manufacture robotic islands for various welding and soldering processes including TIG, MIG, plasma and laser.

Coatings ____

We design and build automation systems for the superficial coatings of components, washing, shotblasing, painting and adhesion machinery.

Automation ____

We design and develop highly automated systems for multiple sectors, manufactured ad hoc to meet customer needs.

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