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Welding and soldering

Welding and soldering

We design and manufacture robotic islands for various welding and soldering processes including TIG, MIG, plasma and laser.

We specialise in the construction of robotic islands equipped with anthropomorphic, collaborative and Cartesian robots, as well as in the design and supply of fully-customised machines based on the material to be processed, the required thicknesses and the necessary processes.

We have robotic island models equipped with both standard components that meet the main welding and soldering needs and a component that can always be customised to best adapt to specific needs.

Welding and soldering

In designing the welding or soldering equipment, repetitiveness over time is guaranteed in order to obtain the best result. The equipment is developed in collaboration with our customers, optimising the preparation of the parts to be fused.

Why choose PRSE for your welding and soldering projects?

  • Consolidated experience in the design and construction of robotic islands and equipment
  • Customised projects that respond to different needs
  • A single point of contact at every stage of the design, construction, service and maintenance
  • Maximum attention to the safety of the welding or soldering system and its efficiency over time
  • Training courses to optimise machine performance
  • Complete solutions for all necessary integrated systems, ready for operation
Specific services
Welding and soldering test ___

We carry out welding and soldering tests with both proprietary equipment and the customer’s machinery, in order to identify the optimal process ahead of time.

Upon receipt of the piece to be fused, we avail of innovative software to identify the most suitable welding or soldering solution and create fusion samples.

Welding and soldering tests also allow you to intervene to solve any problems that may arise during machining.

Training ___

We conduct courses on welding and soldering processes for operators in the sector, both at the customer’s premises and in our company.

Additionally, we provide training on robot programming, welding and soldering processes and machine management. These training courses can be carried out in conjunction with the installation of the robotic station to provide management information to operators but also to promote the optimisation of the performance of existing machinery or to support the integration of new personnel in the company.

Integrated system supplies ___

We design and manufacture auxiliary systems for robotic islands, such as fire-fighting, suction and automation systems for loading and unloading components that integrate perfectly with the required joining solution.

This allows you to obtain a turnkey system, ready to be installed and activated on-site, in addition to the complete management of the system certification

Latest updates ___

New automatic electrode changer for TIG welding for process efficiency and quality

12/03/2024 -
Case history,

Siamo orgogliosi di presentarvi il nostro dispositivo di cambio automatico dell’elettrodo, progettato per ottimizzare il processo di saldatura, ridurre i tempi di fermo impianto e migliorare la qualità complessiva del lavoro.

Industrial transformation: our automation project for Aluproject

07/09/2023 -
Case history,

The project with Aluproject concerns the installation of a new robotic cell, which is set to revolutionize the welding process of their products. In this article, we explore the key stages of the project, highlighting how the synergy between advanced technology and specialized training is shaping the future of industrial automation.

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